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Currently works in the Office of the Fire Marshal as the Fire and Life Safety Educator  and the program administrator for the Fire Peer Support network. This is a peer support program that assists firefighters in distress.  He currently volunteers with K’9 4 PTSD as a trainer and mentor that aims to assists those who are members or civilians to help train service dogs to be used as a mental or physical aid. He was the founder of CAP (canine Assistance Program) that provided peer support for those diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety. Brian worked in corrections for many years and later as an enforcement officer and was the former Deputy Chief Coroner. He also served as the Deputy Provincial Security Advisor and managed the Critical Infrastructure Program for New Brunswick.


In 2015 Brian was released medically as the Deputy Chief  Coroner due to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and severe agoraphobia. Brian worked for two years with a Master trainer and in 2017 he received his service dog River. Since then he has been dedicated to working to help train service dogs and mentoring handlers to take back their lives with the assistance of a service dog. Brian has worked closely with many clinicians and community partners to educate them as well as their clients in regards to service dogs and assisting clients with their exposure therapy to help them reintegrate and live their lives prior to their diagnosis and illness.


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