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Liane Vail is the co-founder of Prevail Solutions and a retired regular member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 23 years.

She has received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award for her dedication and exceptional work as the Member Employee Assistance Program Coordinator. During her tenure, her work in partnership with the Department of National Defense tailored "Road to Mental Readiness” to a first responders' audience and became mandatory for all the force's employees by order of the RCMP Commissioner. She has been presented with the Commanding Officer’s achievement award for her time as the Return-to-Work Coordinator. She was commended by the Commanding Officer for her role in ensuring the emotional wellbeing of all members directly or indirectly involved in the June 4th, 2014, shootings.

Upon retirement, Liane continued to teach the R2MR on behalf of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. She is a Master trainer and continues to teach on a regular basis offering the program face to face and virtually.

In 2017, in partnership with Dr. Stéphane Paulin, they developed a program with the goal to optimize the mental health and wellbeing of the Public-Safety Answering point (PSAP) employees of Fredericton. The program was a proven success and is now in more than 10 public safety departments throughout New Brunswick.

In 2018, she was contracted as a consultant by the New Brunswick Medical Society to help develop a sustainable employee assistance program for New Brunswick physicians.

Liane continues to support Public Safety Personnel in hopes of building a multi-disciplinary wellness facility inclusive to all those that work in high-risk work environments.


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