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Helping Hands

Detection - Intervention - Prevention

A high-risk work environment comes with an inherent risk of exposure to traumatic events that can evoke intense horror, fear and helplessness. For some, the after-effects can cause severe physical and psychological injuries. Although there are a variety of tools available to assist those who are struggling, there is often a gap between the onset of symptoms, and an individual's ability to access care.


The capacity to bridge this gap can have a positive impact on an employee's resilience, the

sustainability of an organization, and the quality of service delivery to communities.


The first step to closing this gap is facilitating timely access to care. To address this need, Prevail Solutions offers a monthly Mental Health Monitoring service and follow up referrals when warranted.

The service detects early signs of declining mental health as employees navigate the unique challenges associated with careers in high-risk work environments.


Prevail Solutions provides an opportunity for early detection and early intervention as a key to the prevention of long-term illness and injury.

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