At Prevail Solutions, our mission is to protect the psychological health of first responders and frontline personnel with a high prevalence of exposure to traumatic events.

Emergency response work comes with an inherent risk of exposure to traumatic events that can evoke intense horror, fear, and helplessness. For some employees, the after-effects can cause severe physical and psychological injuries. Although there are a variety of tools available to support emergency response workers who may be struggling, a gap often exists between the onset of symptoms and an individual’s first access to care. 


The ability to bridge this gap can have a direct impact on an individual's health status, work-life balance, absenteeism, overtime, staff turnover, quality of service, and economic sustainability for community organizations.  Early detection and timely intervention can shorten recovery time, preventing long term illness and injury; it can also promote post-traumatic growth. Taking this proactive approach to employee wellness contributes to better mental health outcomes for individuals and organizations.



Before starting Prevail Solutions, Liane Vail was an RCMP Sergeant with 23 years of service. After completing her general duty, she was the coordinator of the Member Employee Assistance Program (MEAP), the Officer in Charge of the Return-To-Work and Medical Discharge Program, and the Health Services Unit. During her tenure, she was instrumental in developing the first responders version of the workshop "Road To Mental Readiness” adapted from National Defense. It became mandatory for the national force by order of the RCMP Commissioner. This version of the program continues to be a mandatory program across the country. 



Liane Vail, M.Ed. (Psych), ACC - President & Registered Counsellor

Stéphane Paulin, MD - Consulting Physician, Chief Medical Officer

Pauline Meunier, TICC - Consulting Paramedic, Chief Operating Officer




Prevail Solutions supports the resilience of emergency response and healthcare workers by providing confidential mental health monitoring services. We work closely with employees to monitor, inform, and connect individuals with resources that support psychological safety in high-risk work environments. We believe resilience thrives in an atmosphere of courage, compassion, and connection. 



To establish a baseline, employees complete an initial screening interview. They then participate in a monthly five-minute survey that gauges job satisfaction, burnout, and secondary trauma.


Participation is voluntary and only Prevail Solutions professionals have access to the responses. 


The results of the responses are monitored regularly for deviations in baseline measures. 



When there is a deviation from the initial baseline, indicating a potential concern, a team member contacts the employee to determine whether there is cause for further investigation.

We also send monthly, quarterly, and annual anonymous statistic on your entire group so you can see how they are responding to your mental health programs.






If it is confirmed an employee requires support, our team works with the individual to determine the best course of action for addressing their needs. In some cases, we can accommodate the employee’s needs internally.

Alternatively, the employee may be referred to an external healthcare professional or support service.

In all cases, a follow-up is completed at regular intervals  to ensure that the employee is on the road to recovery.



Prevail Solutions provides monthly reports to ensure that the organization always has its finger on the pulse of mental health trends in their workplace. This enables employers to monitor the mental health status of their workforce, evaluate the effectiveness of existing support services, and assess the benefits of supporting resilience in high-risk work environments. 

Our consultants take the utmost care to ensure confidentiality by using protected Personal Health Information cloud-based systems. Only aggregate information is shared with employers. As our data grows, so does our ability to share industry-specific trends.