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At Prevail Solutions, our mission is to promote resilience in high-risk work professions.



Prevail Mental Health Solutions Inc. formally launched its public mental health monitoring service on June 1, 2020. The service was designed to support better mental health outcomes for Public Safety Personnel (PSP) in the province of New Brunswick. The monitoring service allows the staff at Prevail  to MONITOR the well-being of our clients, INFORM individuals when there may be a concern, and CONNECT them with appropriate resources in a timely manner when warranted.

The idea for Prevail Mental Health Solutions began with Liane Vail, a retired member of the RCMP. Working as a police officer in various roles for more than two decades, Liane was exposed to several traumatic events throughout her career and experienced psychological injuries as a result. As was the case with many of Liane’s colleagues, the impact on her mental health was so insidious that for many years she was unaware that there was a concern. It wasn’t until she went to work in the Health Services unit that Liane realized the toll that operational stress injuries had on the mental health of police officers everywhere. What also became apparent was that most of these officers were not seeking treatment -either because they were unaware they had a problem or because of the stigma surrounding mental health.

It wasn’t until Liane retired and continued her passion for promoting resilience with the Mental Health Commission of Canada(MHCC)that she was provided with the opportunity to find a way to address this gap. While teaching, she was accepted as a participant in the MHCC’s SPARK Training program. She was required to develop an innovative approach to supporting mental health in her community to complete the training. The result was creating of an online screening tool in 2019, designed to optimize the mental health and well-being of the employees at the Fredericton Public-Safety Answering Point (911 Dispatch) over one year. After a successful launch and later a traumatic community event, the City of Fredericton expanded the services to include coverage for all of their first responders. The partnership continues to this day.

Image of a compass, instead of north south east west, it says safer communites, resilent organizations, resilant front line


To promote mental resilience in high-risk work professions.


Resilient Front Line. Resilient Organizations Safer Communities.


We believe resilience thrives in an atmosphere of courage, compassion, and connection.

Our Team

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Liane Vail

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Stéphane Paulin

Chief Medical Officer

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