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Prevail Solutions is offering mental health monitoring services to new organizations that represent first responders for up to four months. To see if your organization is eligible, and for more information, contact us.

First responders carry a high risk of exposure to trauma that can evoke intense fear, helplessness, and horror. For some, the after-effects can cause severe physical and psychological injuries. There is a multitude of tools available to lead employees to recovery. However, there is a gap in the ability of employers to identify and distinguish between employees who are psychologically healthy or not.

Prevail Solutions supports first responders throughout their career by providing confidential monthly mental health monitoring and check-in support. When necessary, our trauma-informed coaching experts, doctors, and psychologists come together to determine a course of action when an employee is struggling. Altogether improving mental health and organizational costs.



Before starting Prevail Solutions, Liane Vail was an RCMP Sergeant with 23 years of service. After completing her general duty, she was the coordinator of the Member Employee Assistance Program (MEAP), the Officer in Charge of the Return-To-Work and Medical Discharge Program, and the Health Services Unit. During her tenure, she was instrumental in developing the first responders version of the workshop "Road To Mental Readiness” adapted from National Defense. It became mandatory for the national force by order of the RCMP Commissioner. This version of the program continues to be a mandatory program across the country. 



Liane Vail, M.Ed. (Psych), ACC - President & Registered Counsellor

Chet Wesley, MBA - Organizational Behaviour & Business Affairs

Anthony Njoku, MD, MBBS, MRC Psych - Consulting Psychiatrist

Stéphane Paulin, MD - Consulting Physician, Chief Medical Officer

Pauline Meunier - Consulting Paramedic, Chief Operating Officer


Debbie Richardson, RN - Clinical Psychiatric Nurse

Roger Labelle, RN - Clinical Psychiatric Nurse

Wendy Irriniki, RN - Registered Counsellor

Lori Redmond, RN - Registered Counsellor

Lori Roberge - Administration



Employees receive an email every month with a secure link and password to complete the Professional Quality of Life Scale questionnaire. Participation is voluntary, and only Prevail Solutions professionals have access to their responses.

The email link delivers the employee to our CRMS secure portal where they complete and submit their questionnaire. Employees also have the option to immediately tell us if they need to talk to one of our coaches or counselors. 

When an employee is having difficulty or has experienced a workplace stress injury, our team comes together to determine whether they need a life coach, psychologist or another form of treatment. 

Whether it is a one-to-one check-in or a series of sessions, we work with the employee to establish a relationship with a coach or psychologist so they can set goals and improve their mental health. 

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